Build Your Own Empire

Brooke Hengst

My path to building wealth through real estate.

Build Your Own Empire

Build Your Own Empire is Brooke’s story of building her real estate business through challenging markets, while dealing with life transitions and remaining steadfast in building her dream. Brooke shares the characteristics that she personally uses to show up and be successful every day. Brooke’s proven track record supports that goal setting, time management and the execution of her daily disciplines has helped her become an industry leader in the business, professional and real estate industry.

This book teaches you the steps Brooke has taken to become successful in her space, creating her empire through real estate and real estate investing. The ideas and skillsets in this book are fully transferable to any business and any part of your life. Use these tools to create your own empire and harness your inner visionary.
Build Your Own Empire

About The Author

Brooke Hengst is a successful International Realtor and investor with a portfolio of investment properties within Colorado, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. She is a leader in her industry and a lover of education and training within her market centers. In the last decade, Brooke and her team have served hundreds of families with their real estate needs, along with assisting many others with how to build wealth through real estate investing. Brooke consistently remains in the top 2% of Realtors in the Denver, CO market. She is closely connected with her local community, serving in leadership roles within performing arts groups and her favorite dog rescue organizations. Brooke Hengst lives in Centennial, CO with her two children Emma and Cara and they travel often to explore the beaches of Mexico.
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